How To Jump Higher & Increase Vertical Jump Height

Looking to learn how to jump higher? We can help. This site is strictly dedicated to helping you increase vertical jump height by giving you tons of vertical jump workouts, programs, helpful tips and vertical jump training advice.

Everybody wants to be able to add inches to their vertical jump and be able to jump over everyone on their way to the rim. But it takes hard work and following all the proper vertical jump exercises. You need to train the proper muscles in order to really get your vertical to take off.

The first place to start is by getting a good vertical leap program and starting to train with it. You need to train the proper muscles that are key for increasing your vertical jump. You will also want to increase your fitness and increase the vertical jumping endurance.

Before you start any program you will want start by measuring vertical jump so you have a base figure to compare your results with.

If you get on a good program and stick to it you can improve vertical jump and start punishing the rim. Increase vertical jump and discover how to jump higher.  Start to improve vertical jump height now.

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